Where the Product is returned under warranty, or where REL offers a repair service for product, such items should be returned carriage paid to REL. No item should be returned to REL until a Return Merchandise Authorisation (RMA) number has been issued by REL. All attachments must be removed before items are returned. REL will carry out repairs either by replacement of parts or subassemblies or by replacement of the entire unit. REL reserves the right to incorporate Engineering Change Orders (ECO’s) into the product, or to supply a replacement product of a higher revision level.

REL will endeavour to carry out repairs within its estimated repair time, but REL can make no guarantee that repairs will be completed in a particular time for whatever reason.

REL reserves the right to charge the Customer where no fault is found in the product, or where the Customer asks for an estimate of the repair cost.

REL reserves the right to delay the return of any items of the Customer’s property in REL’s possession (other than the warranty repairs) and shall have a general lien on all such property in respect of any sums which may be owing by Customer to REL on any account whatsoever. REL shall have the right to dispose of any such property on giving 28 days’ notice by first class post to Customer’s normal trading address where any such sums are more than 14 days overdue and shall apply the proceeds of disposal (less associated expenses) towards satisfaction of all debts owed by Customer to REL.

REL can accept no responsibility for retention or security of data or information stored on magnetic or other media returned to REL for repair. It is REL’s standard practice to erase all magnetic storage media which is returned for repair, either under warranty or otherwise.


You may cancel your order by notifying us no later than five working days after the day we deliver the goods to you that you are cancelling the contract.

On cancellation of your order, you must return the goods to us in their original condition and packaging, undamaged and at your own cost and risk.

If you cancel an order, you must take reasonable care of the goods from the time you receive them until you return them to us. Credits will not be issued for products returned which have been made unfit for resale or damaged while in your possession.

If you do not return the goods within seven days, then we reserve the right to charge a restocking fee of the price of the products returned.

No refund will be processed until the goods have been returned to and processed by us.

Incomplete / Damaged / Incorrect Goods

You should notify us either by phone or email within two working days of delivery of any incomplete, damaged, incorrectly delivered or otherwise not as ordered goods.

Faulty Goods

“Faulty goods” means any goods we supply to you that do not conform to the contract. Faulty goods do not include any assets that are faulty due to fair wear and tear, wilful damage, accident, negligence by you or any third party, use otherwise than in accordance with their intended use, failure to follow the manufacturer’s or our instructions, or any alteration or repair carried out without the prior approval of us or the manufacturer.

All RMA requests must be submitted by phone or by filling out an RMA form online.

Faulty goods returned to us are returned at your own cost and risk. You must ensure that all faulty goods are correctly returned and securely packaged and labelled with our address and RMA (Return Materials Authorisation) Number.

No refund will be processed until the goods have been returned to and processed by us. Any reimbursement for faulty goods will include a refund of the applicable delivery charge.

For 90 working days from delivery of the goods we agree that we shall replace or repair defective products provided that: –

  • an RMA application is made through our website within the time limit stated; and
  • you return the faulty goods to us;
  • having inspected the goods, we are satisfied that the defects found are due to defective materials or workmanship and are not due to incorrect handling or storage, neglect, installation, repairs or changes made by the buyer, or due to accidental events.
  • With the exception of the conditions stated above, we shall not be responsible for defects occurring as a result of the delivery of the goods back to us.
  • We shall under no circumstances be responsible for losses resulting from your non-performance of the obligations above nor shall we be responsible for any indirect damage or consequential damage, including operational losses, non-realisation of expected savings or any other claim raised by a third party against you, even though we have been made aware of such damage, operational losses or claim.
  • All goods returned as defective and subsequently found to have no fault will be returned to you. We reserve the right to charge for the return of non-defective goods including any costs incurred by the manufacturer in testing the goods for defects.