Quality Policy

Quality is at the heart of everything we do.

“REL Group in Europe, the Americas and Asia will strive to exceed customer targets on Quality, Supply and Value of our Products and Services.

Senior management will establish a clear vision of the future, be pro-active and lead by example, and will provide an empowered environment where the whole organisation are given the necessary training and tools to enable them to meet our Company goals and objectives. We are committed to the training and development of our employees, within all of our facilities.”

Ian Ramage, Managing Director.

View Certificate Quality 27001 : 2013

View Certificate Quality 27001 : 2013

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View Certificate Quality 14001_2004

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View Certificate Quality 9001_2008

Environmental Policy

“The REL Group is committed to providing our customers with high quality products and services that are environmentally sound, and we aim to conduct our operations in Europe, the Americas and Asia in an environmentally responsible way. This commitment is one of our Company’s core values and is supported by all employees throughout the Company.

We deliver these commitments through our environmental management system, which is in compliance with BS EN ISO 14001:2004 and maintained by trained staff and qualified personnel to ensure its effectiveness, it identifies the following areas as being key factors in meeting our Goals:

  • To meet and exceed all applicable and current legislation.
  • Commitment to continual improvement and prevention of pollution
  • To re-use and recycle material and equipment, avoiding landfill where possible
  • Provide a framework for setting and reviewing objectives & targets
  • To educate and train all of our Employees in order to create and raise awareness of the impact they can have on the environment, locally and globally, in their daily duties.
  • To work with our suppliers to encourage them to provide their Goods and Services in a way that minimises impact on the Environment.

The above environmental management system policy pertains to all products and services
supplied by REL, which include:

  • Spares and option kits for the computer and IT Industry.
  • Assembly, test and printing of electronic, electromechanical and mechanical parts
  • Build, test, repair and upgrade of computers and components
  • Storage and Logistics”

Ian Ramage, Managing Director.

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