REL Terms and Conditions

Please read below REL terms and conditions.


in these conditions:
“Customer” means REL’s immediate customer for Product or Services.
“Services” means items sold under a contract of sale to which these conditions apply.
“Services” means the installation, repair, maintenance and other services provided by REL to which these conditions apply.

Formation of Contract

Customer may place orders for Product and Services by placing an order on our online store. REL may acknowledge receipt of Customer’s request for Product, but a contract of sale shall not be concluded until REL sends a printed order acceptance confirming Product availability, scheduled delivery dates, and price. This shall constitute acceptance of Customer’s order. If there is variation between REL order acceptance and Customer’s purchase order, Customer shall be deemed to have accepted REL variations unless it responds within ten days.

REL will ask Customers, for payment to be made in advance of any orders being shipped. Any quotation issued by REL shall be construed as an “invitation to treat”.

Customer’s purchase orders, REL order acceptance and these terms and conditions constitute the entire agreement between the parties relating to the supply of Product or Services. Any variation must be in writing and expressed as a variation to the supply contract. Any standard purchasing terms of Customer are at this moment excluded. All other negotiations, agreements or communications are suspended, and all other warranties, representations or conditions are excluded.


The product will be supplied in accordance with REL standard specifications, copies of which are available on request. It is the customer’s responsibility to check the performance, connectivity and interoperability of Product under these specifications to ensure they meet the user’s requirements.


Where Product includes software delivered on magnetic media, Customer agrees to be bound by the applicable software license restrictions relating to that (whether contained in “shrink-wrapped” license terms or otherwise). The customer also agrees to ensure to whom it sells or otherwise disposes of Product is similarly bound by such terms.


Prices for Product or Services shall be set out in the relevant REL order acceptance, in the currency therein stated. Prices exclude VAT and similar taxes and charges. Unless otherwise agreed, prices include any duty to be paid on the importation of Product by REL into the UK but exclude any export or import duties required to be spent on exporting Product from the UK to any other Country.

Prices are valid as of the date of acceptance by REL of Customer’s order. REL may at any time change its prices without notice.


All prices are quoted ex-works unless stated in the quotation. Delivery dates quoted by REL are best efforts forecasts made in good faith, but REL cannot accept responsibility or liability for any delays. We do try to make next day delivery standard to mainland UK, excluding Highlands and Islands, but some order may take 2-3 days. If faster delivery is required, please contact us. Customer will accept delivery of Products by instalment if requested by REL.

Where Customer has been notified that Products (or repaired items) are ready for despatch, and for any reason refuse or is unable to accept delivery thereof, REL shall be entitled to invoice the customer from such date. Where delivery of a product is delayed by more than 14 days, REL may re-schedule the delivery date and allocate the items to another customer. Where delivery of the product (or return of repaired items) is delayed by more than 28 days, REL may charge storage at the rate of 2% of the invoice value of a product (minimum £10 per item) per month.

Risk and Title

The risk to Product passes when delivered to (or collected by) Customer, or Customer’s nominated carrier. Delivery takes place when Customer or it’s chosen carrier signs the delivery note and manifest. Title to Product passes when paid in full. If payment is overdue, REL may require Customer to return unpaid Product and shall be entitled to enter Customer’s premises to recover such products.

Customer may resell all unpaid Product in the ordinary course of its business but shall account to REL out of the proceeds of sale for all sums outstanding, and pending such accounting will hold the same on trust for REL. This right of Customer to re-sell unpaid Products may be terminated on written notice from REL and shall cease automatically upon the appointment of a Receiver, Liquidator or Administrator, or any other act of insolvency of Customer.

Payment Terms

The product will be invoiced when ready for delivery. Where credit terms have been agreed, invoices are payable within 30 days of invoice date. Where credit terms have not been approved, invoices must be paid before the Product is delivered or repaired items returned. Interest at an annual rate of 3% above the Clydesdale Bank Plc base rate will be payable on overdue invoices. REL may delay all future deliveries of Product (and the return of any items being repaired) and may decline to accept any new orders when amounts are overdue, or Customer’s credit limit has been exceeded.

If delivery is made in instalments, payments shall be made in respect of each shipment.

No claim in respect of any one disputed item or invoice shall entitle Customer to withhold payment on any other item or invoice.

If a customer fails to notify REL of any inaccuracy in any invoice or delivery of products thereunder (incorrect price, short or damaged on delivery, etc.) within 21 days of the invoice date, Customer will be presumed to have accepted the invoice in full.

Force Majeure

If REL is prevented by Force Majeure from delivering Product, or performing Services or performing any other obligations, REL will be excused its performance for so long as such cause shall continue Force Majeure shall include civil commotion, riot, war, threat or preparation for war, fire, flood, earthquake, labour dispute, failure of gas, water, electricity or other services, interruption of transport, law rule of regulation of any Government or other authority, or any other cause beyond the reasonable control of REL will promptly inform Customer of any anticipated delay caused by Force Majeure.


REL warrants that all Product (but excluding spare parts and consumables) will be free from any defect in material or workmanship, and shall perform in accordance with its specification, for a period of 30 days from the date of delivery to the Customer (or such more extended period as may be specified in the relevant product documentation). REL’s sole liability for breach of this warranty shall be (at its option) to replace or repair the defective Product or component thereof. Customer must return the defective Product to REL; carriage paid; REL shall return the repaired Product to the Customer; carriage paid.

This warranty is only given for the benefit of the Customer. Any end-user must refer any problems to the person who purchased the Product directly from REL, who will if necessary contact REL.

This warranty does not extend to a product which comes defective resulting from damage in the course of transportation, or by handling, storage, operation, use or maintenance in a manner of the environment not conforming to the instructions or specifications of REL.

This warranty is in place of all other warranties; whether implied by statute or otherwise and which are as a result of this excluded, REL shall not be liable for any loss of profits or incidental or consequential loss for whatever reason.


Where the Product is returned under warranty, or where REL offers a repair service for product, such items should be returned carriage paid to REL. No item should be returned to REL until an Equipment Return Allocation (ERA) number has been issued by REL. All attachments must be removed before items are returned. REL will carry out repairs either by replacement of parts or subassemblies or by replacement of the entire unit. REL reserves the right to incorporate Engineering Change Orders (ECO’s) into the product, or to supply a replacement product of a higher revision level.

REL will endeavour to carry out repairs within its estimated repair time, but REL can make no guarantee that repairs will be completed in a particular time for whatever reason.

REL reserves the right to charge the Customer where no fault is found in the product, or where the Customer asks for an estimate of the repair cost.

REL reserves the right to delay the return of any items of the Customer’s property in REL’s possession (other than the warranty repairs) and shall have a general lien on all such property in respect of any sums which may be owing by Customer to REL on any account whatsoever. REL shall have the right to dispose of any such feature on giving 28 days’ notice by first class post to Customer’s normal trading address where any such sums are more than 14 days overdue and shall apply the proceeds of disposal (less associated expenses) towards satisfaction of all debts owed by Customer to REL.

REL can accept no responsibility for retention or security of data or information stored on magnetic or other media returned to REL for repair. It is REL’s standard practice to erase all magnetic storage media which is returned for repair, either under warranty or otherwise.

Where Product is repaired under warranty or otherwise, the warranty on the repaired or replaced item shall be extended to 180 days after the date of return to Customer if this is later than the original warranty period.

Applicable Law

REL expects all disputes and disagreements to be discussed and resolved amicably. Failing this, disputes will be settled in the Scottish Courts, and Scottish Law shall apply.

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