Frequently Asked Questions

Please read below some of the questions that our clients have asked us.

What is Re-Marketing

What is Re-Marketing?

We see Re-Marketing as a way for companies or individuals to realise the value in their Assets.

It could be anything from a piece of IT Kit to a second-hand car – Re-marketing is re-selling, and finding the right conditions to do so.
Take eBay as an example of a Re-marketing trading floor. Individuals or Companies who sell products on eBay try to target their audience by classifying their products and making sure the description is accurate so that they know there will be interest in their product.

What we do for our customers is take their Redundant IT equipment and identify companies we have known for years, as potential purchasers, so that in a lot of cases we can give our customers a financial return on their equipment.

It may involve some refurbishment done at our premises to maximise the value – but we make sure that whatever we do, we have our customers’ best interests in mind.

Also, our Customers use this Service as a channel for selling their excess stock. As with most Businesses, Forecasts aren’t always accurate, and the excess inventory is an unwanted but inevitable part of trading Businesses.

To help with this we use our database of customers who we target with specific product-types, and we maximise the Return on the sale of the items for our customers, worked on a revenue share basis. This has been a highly successful process for our customers, resulting in a high return rate.

If you think your Company could take advantage of this service, give us a call to talk it over.

Can you explain the benefits to my Business?

Sure – Let’s say your company is going through an IT refresh – where you have decided to upgrade all PCs / Monitors / Printers etc. throughout the Company.

In years gone by, we would probably have to engage with a Re-cycle company or even waste disposal to come and take the equipment away – and we would have had to pay them to do it.

Now though, as everyone has become more aware of their Green credentials and companies are looking to see where they can maximise value for money, we have realised that there may still be some value in your old equipment that could be re-sold (re-marketed) and the potential of a financial return could help offset the cost of your new equipment.

We make it as simple as possible for you and do our best to give you the most accurate information on the likelihood of a financial return, and what that would be if there were one.

What happens to the information on the storage devices?

Excellent question – We would always ask that you try to save or delete all information and data on any storage devices you are asking us to take from you – we can walk you through how to do that if you don’t have the IT support to manage that within your company.

As a fail-safe, we also wipe all storage devices with state-of-the-art software that is commonly used worldwide, ensuring that no proprietary information is leaked with the potential to cause you or your company any issues.

A full report on all storage equipment that has been wiped will be supplied at the end of the job, giving you complete satisfaction that the data has been dealt with appropriately.

What type of equipment do you take?

We specialise in Desktops, Laptops, Servers, Switchgear, Monitors and Printers of all Brands but we are active in HP, Dell, IBM, Lenovo and Cisco.

We can also work with your old phone systems too – there is still demand out there for systems that may seem old and antiquated to you, but they could be refurbished and sold on, or parts of the systems could be used as spares.

Try us out, and we will get to work on your old equipment for you!

Where does the product go to?

We have hundreds of Customers who are always looking for IT equipment of all ages. We also trade in new parts as well as the used kit, and we have grown a database of very reputable companies. The equipment could be re-used and sold to institutions or societies who cannot afford brand new equipment – or the parts could be used as spares for the assets companies have on their books.

Sometimes it could be plainly down to the fact that people get used to using the same equipment in their job and don’t want to upgrade to the latest and greatest…. It all leads to helping us toward our company objective to “Re-use, Re-cycle or Re-sell” wherever possible.

We are outside of the UK - Do you provide services in other countries?

Although our Headquarters are in Scotland in the UK, we also have a Facility in Prelouc in the Czech Republic, and we have strategic partnerships throughout the world that we could utilise to allow us to receive, check, refurbish and re-market on your behalf…

Give us a call to discuss the details of your equipment as we are sure we could work something out on your behalf.

What else do you do?

We manage Supply Chains for our customers. This could be from managing the purchase and supply of products within their supply chains, through to Warranty and Returns Management, Repair of out of warranty products and even manufacturing and assembly of products.

We have been doing this for 20 years for some of the biggest OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) and ODMs (Original Design Manufacturers) in the World.