John Murphy

Most of John’s working life was spent in the Procurement Division in IBM at their Plant in Greenock here in Scotland. John joined the Team in 2007 in the Planning and Procurement Team

John Murphy
Senior Planner

REL Group

Senior Planner
January 2007 – Present


Procurement Specialist

Hello I’m John, Senior Planner at REL

They say “There’s a little bit of a gambler in all of us” but I bet it was a gambler who wrote it. It’s fair to say I do enjoy a wee flutter at the weekend on horses or football. It’s the attention to detail I enjoy, studying form of each race for example, checking the form of the jockey, looking at how the horse performed in the previous race, but most importantly trying to get one over on the bookie.

Looking back I can’t complain, I’ve had my fair share of wins, while also ensuring our local bookmaker stays in business…. Like Jim, I’m also born and bred Port Glasgow, with REL almost on my doorstep. I also partnered David Mooney at IBM for more than 23 years in very similar positions that we’re both performing here at REL.

It was January 2007 when I first joined an already established team. Since then, we’ve substantially grown our customer base from Europe to USA, Asia and the Far East.

In my vast experience throughout many years of planning and forecasting one thing is for sure….Nothing is ever set in stone or taken for granted. Customer demand will change by the minute, service levels increase by the hour and of course Inventory levels…..well we can all do with less inventory.

At REL flexibility is key, a well organised planning and purchasing team working closely together will always have an advantage over the competition. Want a bet on it ;-)?

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