Supply Chain Services

Here are some of the Services our Customers rely on us to manage on their behalf

Supplier Management:
We manage hundreds of Global Suppliers on behalf of our customers ensuring we get the right parts to the right place at the right time for the right price, meaning our Customers have one point of contact they rely on to manage the supply of their products – we could do the same for you.
We can also qualify Suppliers on our Customers’ behalf to ISO Standards – Quality should be a given.

Inventory Management:
Money tied up in Inventory can put a massive strain on any Business and can often result in inhibiting a company’s growth aspirations. We have a simple solution. We can purchase your products from your suppliers on your behalf, feeding them into your supply chain only when you need them, in kitted form or in bulk.

Hard to source Products:
REL has 20 years experience finding parts for our Customers that are out of the manufacturing cycle but that are still needed in the after-Sales Service world. We go to great lengths to ensure we find the correct parts with the correct specifications so that it is fit for purpose and won’t be returned. We have thousands of Suppliers in our database to tap into, giving us a great chance of finding the parts you need.

Reverse Logistics:
We can find ways of maximising the value of your products by allowing us to work with your suppliers to utilise the Warranty that comes with them. We see may instances where a product is sent to landfill and a new one bought to replace it when for little effort, the original part could have been returned and replaced under Warranty.

Test and Repair:
Even if your parts are out of Warranty, it may be more economical to repair than to replace. We can find a way to repair most IT Products at our Facility, again reducing the requirement for a “New Buy”.

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